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Set Rumsfeld Machine to Stun

Or should it be "shock and awe"? Anyhow, I couldn't resist posting this great quote from Tales From the Teapot. 🙂 "The Rumsfeld machine is on the move again and is set to spin cycle with added sound byte softener and super-duper-Rummy-dummy biological action to ensure that all previous ingrained stains from the blood of …

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Militant Secular Fundamentalism?

Today The Revealer points to this review over at Reason Online, wherein Chris Lehmann, of New York Magazine, has little nice to say about The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, by Sam Harris. It would seem Mr. Harris possesses an unusually single-minded (dogmatic?) devotion to casting all religious thought in …

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Spoken Like a True Ro-Man

Remember that cheesy movie I mentioned – Robot Monster? Well, a quote from that monstrosity (pun intended) really stuck with me. Which world leader does this remind you of? Your people were getting too intelligent. [LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY.] We could not wait until you were strong enough to attack us. We had to attack you first.

Supporting the Troops

Whether we support the military actions in Iraq or not, we should support the men and women serving in the armed forces there and elsewhere. PowerBlog! has posted one suggestion for showing that support that involves donating items to troops. I heard of another on the radio recently. It’s called Operation Hero Miles and it …

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Veterans Day

Decorations by Robert Service My only medals are the scars I’ve won in weary, peacetime wars, A-fighting for my little brood, To win them shelter, shoon and food; But most of all to give them faith In God’s good mercy unto death. My sons have medals gleaming bright, Proud trophies won in foreign fight; But …

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