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World's Funniest?

Move over Bob Sagget and America’s Funniest Home Videos, here comes the World’s Funniest Joke. Seriously. Someone actually did research on this. I’m a little skeptical of the results, though. The World’s Funniest Joke — Official By Corey Ullman “LONDON (Reuters) – After a year of painstaking scientific research, the world’s funniest joke was revealed …

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Worse Than DMCA?!?

Meet the CBDTPA Professor posts digital device hit list By Lisa M. Bowman “Could singing fish novelties be hooked by a proposed law requiring anti-copying technology in digital devices?”

Return of the Skank

Some losers just keep coming back. Who’s next, OJ Simpson’s buddy, Cato Caelin? Your 15 Minutes Are Up Tabloid Fame Doesn’t Carry ‘Anna Nicole’ By Ken Ringle

Too Much Free Time

This was just so bizarre I had to blog it. VirtualStapler.com

One Man's Trash…

‘World’s Worst Poet’ Wins Immortality By Estelle Shirbon