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My Peeps

The people of the land of my ancestors are tired of Microsoft ignoring them. There’s a Nynorsk version of Windows, but no Welsh version. So they’re saying screw Windows; let’s use Linux. Muahahahahaha Welsh Spurn Windows to create own Linux Matthew Broersma “Linux User Expo: Wales-based computer users, tired of waiting for a Welsh-language version …

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Drive-by Spamming

This really pisses me off. This kind of stuff should really be illegal. Just because a port is open, doesn’t give you a right to spam it. That’s like tossing junk mail through someone’s open window. Spammers slip ads through WindowsBy Robert Lemos “Spammers have co-opted an administration feature in Microsoft’s Windows operating systems and …

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Go Ralph!

Ralph Nader to the rescue again… Hitting Microsoft where it hurts Ralph Nader and the Consumer Project on Technology are asking the federal government to take on Microsoft via the pocketbook instead of the courts, by using its purchasing power to solve “security and competition” issues in the software market. In a letter sent to …

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Microsoft At It Again

Now Microsoft is trying to dictate how we license software we develop. They’re trying to bully people away from GPL. Microsoft’s file-share rule makes wavesMicrosoft has opened a new chapter in its long-running dispute with open-source software developers–and it could have antitrust implications. In late March, Microsoft published a document that outlines how third-party developers …

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This link is a little dated since it was made circa Episode 1, but it's still appropriate as Episode 2's release nears. Microsith Corporation