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An Exchange on Cloning

[For the uninitiated: Theomorph is an atheist lexivore and Jerry Nora is a Catholic MD/PhD student with penchant for bioethics. – Funky] A week ago, Theomorph posted some thoughts about cloning on his blog. Below I have the questions that he poses in bold and his own answers in italic, and my own counterpoints are …

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Prayer Request

Please pray for the St. Luke Society, a currently defunct group for Catholic medical students that I’m trying to restart as a Chapter of the Catholic Medical Student Association.

Pittsburgh Area Bloggers: Help Needed!

Rob at UnSpace has an urgent request for Pittsburgh area bloggers. Because traffic to his blog is not his primary concern in this matter, the entire messages are reproduced in full here. If you know anyone in the Pittsburgh area, please pass this on to them.

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Stem Cell Research: Myths and Realities

This post is a supplement to Funky’s call for clarity in the stem cell debate. It was originally published in The Catholic Anchor, a student-run newspaper/magazine sponsored by the Ryan Catholic Newman Center. Over the past five years, the embryonic stem cell debate has haunted politicians and voters alike, and it has not grown any …

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Pet Peeve: "All Stem Cell Research is the Same"

It drives me nuts when I see the media referring to both adult and embryonic stem cell research under a single title. One of the uphill battles the prolife movement is currently fighting is making that distinction obvious to non-scientists. Those who support ESCR have done a terrific job of making people believe that opposition …

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