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Bad Influence

There's been a lot of debate over the years about the possible adverse effects of television on children. A recent study suggests that viewing lots of sexual activity on TV prods sexual exploration in children. The study jives with common sense and my intuitions, but Ill hold off on using it as a rallying cry …

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Death By Obscurity

Here are a couple sites dedicated to highlighting news stories that don’t get heavy rotation. Project Censored Underreported

Fickle Kids

Kerry’s campaigners, MTV producers, and most ordinary people thought that the MTV generation would be hard-core supporters of the Democratic party, and thus Kerry. We all received a bit of surprise when Kerry’s daughters were booed while speaking at the MTV Video Music Awards. Either the Generation Y vote isn’t guaranteed or they’re just tired …

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Pitt Pride

Banana split turns 100 University of Pittsburgh alumni have won the Nobel Prize, played in the National Football League and unlocked the secrets of DNA. On Wednesday, the university celebrated a less prestigious but equally sweet accomplishment — the banana split. Pitt declared Wednesday “Banana Split Day” and celebrated the dessert’s 100th birthday by serving …

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AstroTurf Activism

Cut-and-Paste Propaganda Infiltrates Opinion Pages By Paul Farhi Reader, beware! Some of America’s newspapers have become unwitting conduits for campaign propaganda. Thanks to some nifty Internet technology, the campaigns of President Bush and John F. Kerry are making it easy for their supporters to pass off the campaigns’ talking points as just another concerned citizen’s …

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