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Cheap Imitations

For the last hour or so, I’ve been watching the second of two debates between Vice President Bush and Governor Dukakis on CSPAN. I was in sixth grade at the time of original broadcast. I idolized the character of Alex P. Keaton in “Family Ties” and parroted his conservative statements and supported the candidates he …

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Rabid Dogs

Some people don’t care who gets trampled in the mad rush to uncover the truth. There’s a side to RatherGate that not everyone knows about. Not everyone who said the memos were real were maliciously trying to deceive the public. Some people, like David Hailey, Utah State University associate professor of technical communications, actually believed …

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Talking Heads

After having a nice chat with some friends, walking home in the brisk fall breezes, and catching up on my email, I can now sit down to record my thoughts on the presidential debate. I thought about having a transcript in front of me as I write, but decided against it. I want to record …

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Keeping Them Honest

RatherGate has highlighted the need for watchdogs to keep Big Media honest. Often times, politicians have used Big Media to propagate lies, half-truths, and misinformation. The Annenberg Fact Check is (or at least seems to be) a nonpartisan organization dedicated to holding politicians accountable. They are an interesting contrast to Misleader, which only holds the …

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Tabloid Tittilation

The Pitt News has churned out another piece of prize-winning journalism. *sigh* The good news is that not every reader approved of the trashy column.