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Radio on TV

Regular readers know I listen to The Marty Minto Show on 101.5 WORD-FM (my Protestant readers will be happy to know that Marty’s an Evangelical pastor 😉 ). Tomorrow, people in the state of Pennsylvania will get to see him on TV. Today, PCN taped his show. It’ll be airing tomorrow at 5 PM. Check …

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Right to What?!

This WaPo headline bugs me. Court Lets Right-to-Die Ruling Stand. The issue is not whether Terri Schiavo has a right to die. At best, it’s whether Michael Schiavo has the right to let her die. At worst, it’s whether he has the right to kill her.

Linguistic Gymnastics

God forbid they call this “fetus” what it really is – a child. If an 8-month fetus survives a C-section, it’s called a baby. If it survives being removed by psychos, it’s still a fetus. If a child dies after birth, it’s called a dead baby. If it dies after a murder and amateur surgery, …

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Congratulations, Marty

Marty Minto, the WORD-FM Evangelical radio talk show host I listen to most weekdays, was honored at the 2004 Achievement in Radio Awards. His show won Best Afternoon Show on a News Talk, Personality, or Sports Station. He won Best Talk Show Host. Congratualtions, Marty! 🙂 (Thanks for the info, PowerBlog!)


Shaun “Powerball” Pierce, whose writings have been featured on this blog (here, here, and here), has taken my suggestion to start his own blog. Wander on over and say hello. 🙂