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Prime Time

New Method Said to Solve Key Problem in Math By SARA ROBINSON "Three Indian computer scientists have solved a longstanding mathematics problem by devising a way for a computer to tell quickly and definitively whether a number is prime ? that is, whether it is evenly divisible only by itself and 1." PRIMES is in …

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Face It, Gov't Rushing Biometrics

Machines at an airport fail face-recognition test Random tests of facial-recognition technology at a Florida airport this spring show that it failed to identify even half of the employees who went through screening. The American Civil Liberties Union released the results of the first four weeks of an eight-week study at Palm Beach International Airport. …

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Uncrackable? I Don't Think So

Saying this encryption, described in a ZDNet article, is uncrackable is naive. It’s just not crackable YET. Uncrackable encryption: It’s no longer just sci-fi