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Dungeons and STR+2

I’ve been thinking about Dungeons and Dragons lately. It’s an interesting social phenomenon. (Before I go any farther, I should make it clear that I’m not out to bash D&D. I earned my gamer cred a long time ago, and I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. I learned D&D on literally Dungeons and …

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Blogging and Social Science

The myriad of memes that cross-cross the blogosphere testify to bloggers’ pleasure in answering questions. Why not put that to good use? That’s just what some folks at MIT are doing.

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Morals in Politics

Seemingly based on the Libertarian Party's political quiz, this Moral Politics quiz plots your position on a map whose axes are moral order (x) and moral rules (y). Like any such quiz, it oversimplifies matters, but it's entertaining none the less. I like that I score as the party-less centrist I am. (HT:I Am a …

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Seeing Purple

The fella at Electoral Vote Predictor has read my mind and produced exactly the kind of election results map I wanted. It gives a better indication of just how deeply divided this country is than the simple red and blue maps. Nobody seems to care about how much healing America needs. The Republicans are patting …

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Missing Youth

“After Abortion” has a quote posted that aims to answer the question, “[W]hat might’ve happened to all the young voters?”