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Wack Away a Few Pounds

This guy must be from San Francisco. Pudgy porkers pare pounds with new wanker’s dietBy Masuo Kamiyama "Type ‘diet regimens’ into the Google.com search engine, and you’ll get over 40,000 hits. They’ve got the water diet, the high-fiber diet, the drinker’s diet, the high protein diet, the sugar-busters diet and so on, ad nauseam. The …

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Wack On, Wack Off

Does San Fran breed these freaks, or import them?!? San Francisco Hosts ‘Masturbate-A-Thon’ According to a Yahoo! report (and yes, we’ve asked ourselves if they haven’t got anything better to do down at Yahoo! – like cracking one off – instead of wasting everyone’s time with these tiresome masturbation stories), the event was organised to …

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