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Bye, Bye, Marty

June 22, 2005 I still get a number of hits to my post about the firing of Christian talk show host Marty Minto. I never quite finished it because I got tied up in more important things, so I decided to come back and do just that. For those interested, the original entry can be …

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Radio on TV

Regular readers know I listen to The Marty Minto Show on 101.5 WORD-FM (my Protestant readers will be happy to know that Marty’s an Evangelical pastor 😉 ). Tomorrow, people in the state of Pennsylvania will get to see him on TV. Today, PCN taped his show. It’ll be airing tomorrow at 5 PM. Check …

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Congratulations, Marty

Marty Minto, the WORD-FM Evangelical radio talk show host I listen to most weekdays, was honored at the 2004 Achievement in Radio Awards. His show won Best Afternoon Show on a News Talk, Personality, or Sports Station. He won Best Talk Show Host. Congratualtions, Marty! 🙂 (Thanks for the info, PowerBlog!)

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

This evening I wrote an email to Evangelical Christian talk show host Marty Minto. I anxiously await his response. In the meantime, I’d love for my Protestant readers to give me their take. Marty, I mean the following as a serious question, not just some anti-"sola scriptura" taunt. I honestly want your answer to this, …

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Bent Out of Shape

I’m listening to the Marty Minto show right now (M – F, 3PM – 6PM on 101.5 WORD-FM in Pittsburgh) and he’s about to have a coronary because a day care center is teaching yoga to kids. He’s yelling for people to repent and generally carrying on like a corner apocalyptic preacher. I called the …

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