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Congress and Technology

What the 2002 election means for techBy Declan McCullagh “Republicans captured control of the U.S. Congress late Tuesday, an unexpected victory that is likely to help technology companies, but could thwart controversial digital copyright legislation next year.”

Sex is Good!

Sex is good because God created it to be so. Anyone who has ever wondered about the reasoning behind Catholic sexual doctrine (including Catholics!) should read this excellent book. Good News About Sex and Marriage: Answers to Your Honest Questions About Catholic Teaching by Christopher West

Marriage: It Does a Mind Good

Men and Women Get Mental Boost from Marriage "LONDON (Reuters) – Women, as well as men, benefit from marriage and get a mental health boost from being a couple, new study findings suggest. Research from Australia, which shows that about 13 percent of married men and women suffer from stress, contradicts the findings of a …

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This is of interest to me because I plan to have a similar wedding to this fella's some day. Confiscated sporran released for wedding "A wedding has gone ahead in Australia three months after the bridegroom's ceremonial Welsh sporran was quarantined over foot-and-mouth fears."

Even More on Marriage

There seems to have been a flurry of research related to the study of what makes for good marriages. The results are, I'm pleased to say, in accordance with natural law AND the teachings of the Catholic Church. It's time for the prodigal son (secular society) to come home after learning hard leasons in "the …

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