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State Investment in Marriage

The government intervenes and regulates those aspects of human life that have a some bearing on the common good, and which may be made subject to state power (the amount of rainfall profoundly affects the common good, but it isn’t subject to state power). Interstate commerce, for example, is a critical part of our national …

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To Amend or Not to Amend?

I heard a caller on the Marty Minto Show today say something on the line of, “If we leave homosexual marriage to the states, the liberal state governments will screw it up.”This, to me, seems to miss the whole point of the question. It would be an abuse of the U.S. Constitution and contrary to …

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As the Anglican World Turns

Just when I thought things couldn’t get wackier… Gay bishop sanctioned for marrying partner Saturday, May 8, 2004 Posted: 9:52 AM EDT (1352 GMT) “SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) — The Episcopal Diocese of California has sanctioned a retired bishop for marrying his same-sex partner during a church ceremony in San Francisco, according to a published …

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Uncivil Unions

Repeat after me: “Natural Law is a good thing.” George Pell: The case against gay marriage May 04, 2004 “THE institution of marriage, the union of a man and a woman, brings immense benefits to them, their children and society across the generations. It has the support of most Australians and, I believe, most parliamentarians.”

Go Methodists!

I hope the orthodox/traditional Methodists win out over the heterodox/progressive elements. Methodists Order Review of Lesbian Case By JOE MANDAK, Associated Press Writer PITTSBURGH – United Methodists ordered their top court to review the case of a lesbian pastor after the court ruled Saturday that gay sex violates Christian teaching. The denomination’s General Conference voted …

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