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Musical Fisking

Theomorph responded to my criticism of his eisegesis (Thanks for the spelling fix, by the way.). Interestingly, he made little attempt to defend his sophistry. "Color me shocked. I wrote a provocative post and–wonder of wonders–provoked a response." I can’t help but wonder in what sense Theo intended to provoke. Did he believe his arguments …

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Foaming at the Mouth

[Minor mistakes of grammar and spelling have been fixed. – Funky] Theomorph, my resident atheist gadfly, seems to be losing his cool. His latest tirade against Christianity lacks the kind of logical consistency and civility his previous posts had.

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Rhythm Nation

Dawn Eden, of the Dawn Patrol describes herself as "a nondenominational, small-'e' evangelical Protestant" who takes essentially "a sola scriptura approach to moral issues". She believes "that the Bible is the inerrant word of God". Why do I mention these things. I want to grab the attention of evangelical and fundamentalist readers. Dawn has written …

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Happy Couple

I thought you folks might enjoy seeing a picture of me and my bride. 🙂

Break From Politics

I’ve had far too much about politics here of late, so here’s something Church-related. A yet-to-be released report to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) has found that 55% of priests in Australia believe that optional, rather than obligatory celibacy would be appropriate for priests in the Catholic Church. A further 16% of priests said …

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