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Marathon Training Phase I: Endurance

Pursuant to my marathon training plan, here’s my training plan for 10/25/10 through 01/02/10:

Phase I
Endurance base
9-weeks (No. 26-18) [actually 10 weeks because I’m repeated week 18]
Specific Objectives: Cardiovascular fitness, muscular skeletal adjustments to training volumne, not much […]

29 Weeks and Counting

After a disastrous marathon in 2010, I’m determined to be better prepared for 2011. Despite having successfully completed two marathons, I’m swallowing my pride and following a 26-week beginner plan. I’m treating this year as though I’ve never run a marathon before. Since I have to run through […]

How Not to Run a Marathon

Last year, my Pittsburgh Marathon training was spotty at best. Winter training was almost non-existent due to lengthy chest colds. My mileage didn’t get very high. My longest run was only 16mi – and happened the week before the marathon. I started with the 4:45 pace group last year, and kept with […]

How Low Can You Go

Can TV get any lamer? Fox Puts True Love to Test on ‘Joe Millionaire’ By Steve Gorman “LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The latest in a growing procession of prime-time TV courtships might well be called ‘Who Wants to Marry a Construction Worker.’ But that would spoil the secret.”

Switched At Death

I’ve heard of hospital mix-ups that result in people getting the wrong baby, but never this. Families Claim Wrong Crash Victims “BRANDENBURG, Ky. (AP) – Relatives went to a funeral to mourn a teenager after a fatal car wreck, only to learn that the body in the casket wasn’t his.”