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Hit Parade

While looking through the URLs that refer to this blog, I found a rather bizarre one. It points to this ancient post (albeit at my old address). The Fifty Nude Women Project


Pro-life, I thought, meant being pro all life. Not just the unborn. No matter what. Neither of the candidates are that. However, a democrat is more likely to fund a system to help out teenagers and college students to make other options besides abortion attractive. Honestly, isn’t that the way you want to go? Not …

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Christian Bigotry

A friend of mine and semi-frequent comment poster has asked me numerous times to stop posting “anti-gay stuff”. This Sed Contra post might interest him. The blogger at SC is David Morrison, author of Beyond Gay. He lives with same-sex attraction, but does not accept or advocate the gay lifestyle. His most recent post, about …

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Tabloid Tittilation

The Pitt News has churned out another piece of prize-winning journalism. *sigh* The good news is that not every reader approved of the trashy column.

Bad Influence

There's been a lot of debate over the years about the possible adverse effects of television on children. A recent study suggests that viewing lots of sexual activity on TV prods sexual exploration in children. The study jives with common sense and my intuitions, but Ill hold off on using it as a rallying cry …

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