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Post-Vacation Blues

A few days ago my family got home from a week-long vacation in the Poconos. My parents have a time-share villa there that belong to my grandparents for over 30 years. I went there many times as a kid, so it’s associated with a lot of good memories. Between those memories, new ones made with my … Continue reading »

Her Protector

“Daddy!”, Lily screamed, like she has for the past few nights. Maybe it was a nightmare. Maybe she was cold. It’s impossible to know, really. Her mommy had tried to comfort her, but nothing she said or did helped. The screaming just got louder and more insistent, until she finally screamed a single word in … Continue reading »

Standing Today, Walking Tomorrow?



I suspect if Alex ever runs he'll kick his old man's ass. Not that that's particularly hard…

Word Games

Yahoo Mops Up Mail By Peter Sayer “Flaws in HTML character filters quietly corrected, after some puzzlement and ribbing.”