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Pittsburgh Fights Panhandling and Supports Culture

I was already excited about this news story. "A proposal to severely restrict panhandling in the City of Pittsburgh was introduced in City Council today." Pittsburgh’s professional panhandlers drive me nuts and I’d like to see the practice banned altogether. Before you call me heartless and unsympathetic, come to Oakland sometime and witness these phonies …

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John Roberts', Catholicism, and Abortion

Rob Carr of Unspace has some questions for his Catholic friends in the blogosphere. "Hypothetical situation: Let?s assume, for the sake of the argument, that the Constitution had a line in it that said 'Abortion shall be available to all.' It doesn?t ? this is a hypothetical question, a 'gedanken experiment.' That?s German for 'thought …

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Consistent Life Ethic

On Friday, CNN published a brief article describing the differences between John F. Kennedy and John F. Kerry in the eyes of Catholic voters. The moral of the story is pretty obvious at this point. Namely, more observant Catholics favored Bush by 13 points because of his conservative stances on social issues like abortion. What …

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Morals in Politics

Seemingly based on the Libertarian Party's political quiz, this Moral Politics quiz plots your position on a map whose axes are moral order (x) and moral rules (y). Like any such quiz, it oversimplifies matters, but it's entertaining none the less. I like that I score as the party-less centrist I am. (HT:I Am a …

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Right to What?!

This WaPo headline bugs me. Court Lets Right-to-Die Ruling Stand. The issue is not whether Terri Schiavo has a right to die. At best, it’s whether Michael Schiavo has the right to let her die. At worst, it’s whether he has the right to kill her.