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Lingua Latina Movet!

Jollyblogger shares my love of Latin (and C.S. Lewis). 🙂 "When I was in college I took a couple of years of Latin. I don't remember much except to say that very often I hear a word and intuitively know its meaning because of past memories of Latin. My wife and I homeschool our kids …

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Linguam Latinam Amo

Here’s a (sadly) brief article about the art of preserving Latin and keeping it in step with the times. The Latin-English dictionary mentioned is here.

Accustomed to Error

So people have gotten used to a bad translation. So what? Granted, the draft of the new mass needs some work to overcome some "clunky" wording, but that’s the not the point. The mass needs to be translationally and theologically correct before it is "comfortable". Priests predict possible backlash against new Mass text "A forum …

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Mass Discussion

The second article presents a pretty thorough, if biased, chronology of the development of the new mass. British Bishops comment on new English Mass draft " The liturgy office of the Bishops of England and Wales has praised the International Committee for English (ICEL) for its preference for the use of inclusive language in the …

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Critical Mass

Translation is not the appropriate forum for progressive theological revision of the Mass. If anti-traditionalists want to butcher the liturgy and fill it with nonsense, they’ll have to work toward amending the official Latin version of the Novus Ordo. The only faults that should be pointed out in the new translation are those of grammar, …

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