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Trilingual Alphabet Signs (Free Download!)

I actually finished this months ago, but I’ve been so busy with grad school and whatnot I haven’t gotten around to writing about it. Here it finally is, offered as-in and without fanfare. My wife and I have been using …

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Latin is Hard! Waaaah!

My son has recently demonstrated remarkable proficiency in Gregorian chant. So far, he knows at least the Sanctus and Agnus Dei. He’s only 2.5 years old, and his Latin pronunciation is no worse than the average adult attending masses at the Pittsburgh Oratory. That startling fact has sparked a thought in my mind. I may […]

Latin for "Hat Tip"?

I have a question for Latin scholars. How should one translate "hat tip" into Latin? I mean it in the sense of "[a] tip of [my] hat [to]", i.e. an acknowledgement of sources for topics blogged about. I thought maybe "acknowledgement" would work, but the Latin equivalent was kind of dull. Any ideas?

Apologetics and Conversion

"The Trilemma: Useless" was written as an entry in Vox Apologia XVIII. Since there were only four entries, RazorsKiss could easily comment on all of them. His commentary on mine causes some head scratches for me. I’m interested as to why he chooses conversion as the end of apologetics (although, to some extent, it is …

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Tongue Tied

William Oddie, in a Spectator article, tells the English-speaking world a little about the new mass translation in the works. “The effect of hundreds of such changes – impossible to convey without more space – has had a massive cumulative effect not merely on the accuracy of the translations, but on their beauty. They now …

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