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Look, Ma – No Hands!

My Intro to Neuroscience professor, Dr. David Wood, would have substituted “brain” for “mind”. Controlling Robots with the Mind People with nerve or limb injuries may one day be able to command wheelchairs, prosthetics and even paralyzed arms and legs by “thinking them through” the motions By Miguel A. L. Nicolelis and John K. Chapin

I. P. Daily

Related to the previous post, here’s an effort to find correlations between personality and urinal stance. Urinal Psychology

Happy Thoughts

“Always look on the bright side of death…” – Monty Python Aging ‘Gracefully’ May Be Life Extending By Merritt McKinney “NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Having a positive attitude toward getting older may be life-extending, new study findings suggest. “ Elderly Can Think Themselves Into the Grave -Study “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Older people can literally …

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Word Games

Yahoo Mops Up Mail By Peter Sayer “Flaws in HTML character filters quietly corrected, after some puzzlement and ribbing.”

The US Needs This

Paper hopes to shame shirtless men by printing photos