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My Peeps

The people of the land of my ancestors are tired of Microsoft ignoring them. There’s a Nynorsk version of Windows, but no Welsh version. So they’re saying screw Windows; let’s use Linux. Muahahahahaha Welsh Spurn Windows to create own Linux Matthew Broersma “Linux User Expo: Wales-based computer users, tired of waiting for a Welsh-language version …

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Injinears Speel Grate

Are you a good speller? How's your grammar? If you think you have what it takes to proofread literature, you could help Project Gutenburg. Distributed Proofreading

Darwin Says "Dive!"

Can you say “Darwin Award”? Stair Diving

Kids Write The Darndest Things

‘Net chat’ language leaves teachers lost for wordsKids want to click and run, not sit readingCHRIS SORENSEN “After 24 years as a public school teacher, Janice Manson thought she had seen it all.” “Then one day she received a homework assignment from a high school student that contained bizarre abbreviations where nouns and verbs might …

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I Need Patience – NOW!

I’m so screwed. Study says patience is more than a virtueImpatience, urgency can raise risk of high blood pressureBy Debra Goldschmidt “CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — More bad news for people with hard-charging personalities. Researchers said Wednesday that they have found a correlation between having a sense of time urgency and impatience (TUI) and an increased …

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