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I Need Patience – NOW!

I’m so screwed. Study says patience is more than a virtueImpatience, urgency can raise risk of high blood pressureBy Debra Goldschmidt “CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — More bad news for people with hard-charging personalities. Researchers said Wednesday that they have found a correlation between having a sense of time urgency and impatience (TUI) and an increased …

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Musical Vaccuum?

Bissell Blue Powersteamer? Clearview? Upright Floor Cleaner “Stand for center channel speaker only”

I. P. Daily

Related to the previous post, here’s an effort to find correlations between personality and urinal stance. Urinal Psychology

Strange Job

Maybe this would be a good job for the world’s homeless. Wanted: Professional Hermit for Cave-Dwelling Duty “LONDON (Reuters) – More than 200 years after they went out of fashion in Britain, professional hermits are back in the job market.”

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Ren & Stimpy Revived! By Josh Grossberg