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Refugees and Samaritans

Tonight’s bedtime prayers with the kids had a good “teachable moment”. I prayed that the refugee situation would end well, with all of the displaced and frightened people having their needs met. My inquisitive kids asked what refugees are, and I explained in simple terms that didn’t involve discussing terrorism, Syrian politics, or Islamic extremism. … Continue reading »

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Sunday, Bloody Sunday?

A friend of mine brought an interesting point during a conversation this evening. He said that the outcome of the Spanish election was directly affected by the terror attacks there. He thinks the same may happen here if Bush is strongly leading in polls close to the election. Maybe I’ve just had my head in …

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Islamic Law is Shameful

I think the sexism and idiocy speaks for itself here. Beep Beep: You’ve Got a Message … and a Divorce “KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysian Muslim men can divorce their wives through text messages on mobile telephones, the New Straits Times daily reported, quoting a religious adviser to the government.” Brother-in-law’s happy couple photo spawns …

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Sharia Sucks

God will get me through, says mother Nigeria tolerates the Miss World beauty contest and brutal Islamic laws "AS MORE than 80 young women arrived amid great fanfare in the Nigerian capital to take part in the Miss World contest, an illiterate 31-year-old woman sat in a stark room a few miles away contemplating a …

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