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Blog Ethics

The following articles present blogs as something more than a fad, more than leisure-time rambling. Blogs can be a powerful tool. They offer a chance to bypass traditional media. I have often heard that professional journalism is unbiased. Bullfeathers. If you've never read a liberally-slanted newspaper, watched a conservative news report, or listened to reactionary …

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Grudge Match

In a similar vein as the last link post … WWWF Grudge Match "From a time when champions were measured not by their contracts and endorsements but by the sweat and blood and courage they smeared on the canvas, come the past battles of the WWWF. For those of you new to the Grudge Match …

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Fashionable Failure

Thanks go to UserFriendly for this cool link. Great 404's of the Web

Inaugural Entry

I really haven't the foggiest what the weblog craze is all about. I figured I could understand it best by creating a blog myself. I tend to be kinda allergic to hosting services and portals, such as Blogger, but I don't have cgi execution rights on my school's web server, so this page is home-rolled …

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