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Did Ya A Get That Memo?

If you love Office Space, you’ll love this goody. If you haven’t seen it, shame on you. If you’ve seen it but don’t get it, you’re probably one of “them”. Here’s another cool tie-in toy.

Enter Sandman

Somewhere in ACLU headquarters, somebody’s rethinking the merits of free speech. If any book could inspire liberals to burn books, it’d be this one. It’s so inane, I thought it was satire at first!

Parody Plurality

Here are a couple of interesting politico-religious parody sites. The first is light-hearted fare by the folks at National Lampoon. The second is rather harsh, but so nearly convincing it merits mention. MoveOnPlease.org Landover Baptist Church

Out of the Mouths of Roosters

So it turns out that funny Internet infomercial I mentioned is part of a popular series called “Red vs. Blue“. I’ve been watching it and giggling like a clown on nitrous. I haven’t laughed this hard since I discovered “Strongbad’s Email“. 🙂

Welcome to the Internet

This “infomercial” for the Internet is hilarious.