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May 11

Proper Christian Behavior

More Christians should read the writings of the early Church fathers. Admittedly, I have only begun to do so myself. The first half of the following should be read and reread periodically by all Christian bloggers. "Cultivate quietness in word, quietness in deed, likewise in speech and gait; and avoid impetuous eagerness. For then the …

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Feb 18

Mirror of Sin

My grandfather used to say that the habits or faults of other people that annoy us the most may be ones we are also guilty of. I guess that was his atheistic Quaker version of Luke 6:41. I am very often reminded of that lesson and it has been an important part of my maturation …

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Jan 27

Of Swine and Fools

It is easy for one to believe he is able to convince even the most obstinate individuals. Unfortunately, this is often a sign of pride and self-righteousness, rather than charisma or rhetorical skill. Scripture offers the following advice in regard to correcting and/or reproving others. "Do not give dogs what is holy; and do not …

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Jan 22

"Take heed that you are not consumed by one another"

Sean Herriott, of Meet Joe Convert, reminded me of an important topic for Christian bloggers that I’ve mentioned before. "A sense of superiority –my own need to be right — can actually be completely divorced from truth, and still give one the euphoric feeling that God is on their side. I’m sorry to say that …

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Oct 26

A Contrite Heart You Will Not Scorn

As my sidebar bio says, I have traditionalist and neo-traditionalist sympathies. We traditional types must always guard ourselves from succumbing to Pharisaic tendencies. It's easy for the pious and overly-devotional (POD) to look down their noses at the progressives sharing the pew with them. This Sunday's gospel reading gave me an idea for a modern …

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