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Pope John Paul II: A Legacy of Dignity

As the pope lay dying in his apartment, the 24-hour news machine buzzed with life throughout the night. Nearly all seemed to spend a great deal of time discussing the years before his health declined due to Parkinson’s Disease and other ailments. They showed video and photographs of his youth, admired his athleticism, and marvelled …

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Happy Saint David's Day!

Today is the feast of Saint David. St. David is the patron saint of Wales and his day is celebrated much like St. Patrick’s is in Ireland. Why am I telling you this? Well, I’m descended from the Welsh. 🙂 In 1683, William ap John, a Quaker, left Merionethshire, left Wales aboard the Morning Star …

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The Posting Heard Round the World

Five hundred years before a post on a blog could have national and global impact, Martin Luther made a primitive posting on a door. The Church has been reeling from this event’s consequences ever since. Recently, someone suggested to me that Luther was only asked by the pope to recant 48 of his 95 theses. …

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Family Pride

I love genealogy and I wish I had more time to pursue it. Thankfully, one of my relatives has the time. Here’s an article from his local newspaper about how he traced our lineage back to Betsy Ross. A date with (family) history “A Crawfordsville man wanted to find a way to make family history …

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The Nativity Myth

Here’s some more historico-critical drivel. Someone else can fisk this one. I don’t have the time.