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Mighty Morphing Toaster Pastries

My wife recently had an interesting interaction with our 5yo about how to spell something. Continue reading »

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Book Recommendation: Army Survival Manual

A while back somebody posted a request for book recommendations. At the time I couldn’t think of a good non-fiction one. I can think of several good non-fiction books, but most of them are too specialized for the general public to read. The DSM-IV, for example. It’s a great read, and an absolute must for …

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Up in Smoke

An entire nation has banned public smoking! On top of that, selling tobacco is also illegal. Woohoo! 🙂 (Thanks, Evangelical Outpost) The First Nonsmoking Nation If you’re indignant that your boss just shut the smoking room and outraged that you have to leave the bar to light up, take heart. Life could be worse. You …

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Bent Out of Shape

I’m listening to the Marty Minto show right now (M – F, 3PM – 6PM on 101.5 WORD-FM in Pittsburgh) and he’s about to have a coronary because a day care center is teaching yoga to kids. He’s yelling for people to repent and generally carrying on like a corner apocalyptic preacher. I called the …

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Portly Protesters

“Obesity is not a disease. All this does is open the door for the diet and bariatric surgery industries to make a potentially tremendous profit.” – Allen Steadham in “Fat activists start mass protest“ Riiiiight…and smoking isn’t bad for you either. The campaign against smoking is just a front for extortion by a hippocratic mafia. …

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