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The Crystal Ball Mystery REVEALED!

For those who may or may not have seen Magic Crystal Ball of Quasi-Astrological Mystique, here is the solution:

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Gee Whiz

This is cute and funny. 🙂 PeeMail

Please Hold

How Long Can You Hold the Button?

Life Imitates Art

Study Links Media Violence with Mean Kids “A study conducted by the National Institute on Media and the Family concludes that watching lots of violence on television and playing violent video games not only makes kids more physically aggressive, but it also makes them meaner and more distrustful.” As long as nobody tries to take …

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May the Force Be With You

This company rocks! They make high-quality light sabers. They’re kind of expensive, so they make a poor Halloween costume addition, but they’re sure to make fellow geeks waiting in line for Episode III jealous. Parks Sabers