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Scared Stupid

If these “secularity” measures go through, the faithful remnant of France should make t-shirts, jeans, or some ubiquitous item take on religious symbolism. Ghandi did it with the spinning wheel. French PM Presses on with Law Banning Muslim Veils By Timothy Heritage “PARIS (Reuters) – French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin vowed on Saturday to press …

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Catholics in the People's Republic of China

I hope that this NY Times Article shows that there is a genuine improvement in the condition of Chinese Catholics. There is a crying need for education about the Church there: many Chinese reportedly think of Catholics and Protestants (who seem to be on slightly better terms with the government, probably since the Vatican is …

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I Swear to Tell the Truth… So Help Me Satan

Kentucky prison suspends satanic services “LEXINGTON, Kentucky (AP) — The Kentucky Department of Corrections has suspended formal satanic worship services at the Green River Correctional Complex while officials work to shape a statewide policy on the practice.”

Diversity My Foot

It’s funny how diversity education never includes tolerance for orthodox religious views. Bible-Reading Prison Workers Win Minnesota Lawsuit “ST. PAUL, Minn. (Reuters) – Two prison employees reprimanded for reading their Bibles in silent protest of an employer-sponsored training session on homosexuality have been awarded $78,000 in damages by a federal jury, their attorney said on …

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We Actually Won a Case?!?

Nurse fired over ‘morning-after’ pill wins case A federal jury ordered a Riverside County public health clinic to pay $47,000 to a nurse who was fired for refusing to dispense ”morning-after” contraceptives. The nurse, Michelle Diaz, said that dispensing the pills would violate her religious beliefs. The jury found that the clinic had violated her …

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