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I know I blogged about this ages ago, but it’s worth revisiting. After all the red stave versus blue state shenanigans, it’s nice to fight over something that really matters – soda versus pop. (Thanks, Jimmy Akin) Thou shalt say “soda”, not “pop”. Thus saith the Funky One. Here endeth the lesson.

Beer Geology 101

This is an interesting article about how geological conditions affect the chemistry of beer-making. At first, I thought it might be a joke, since the author’s last name is Maltman.

Bruegger's Bagels Uses Fair Trade Coffee

I have a night class on Tuesdays that is infinitely more bearable when I have some coffee in me right before the class starts. I noted with pleasure that Bruegger’s Bagels is now using only fair trade coffee at their stores now. Traditionally, coffee beans are bought from farmers at a dirt-cheap price, and then …

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Pitt Pride

Banana split turns 100 University of Pittsburgh alumni have won the Nobel Prize, played in the National Football League and unlocked the secrets of DNA. On Wednesday, the university celebrated a less prestigious but equally sweet accomplishment — the banana split. Pitt declared Wednesday “Banana Split Day” and celebrated the dessert’s 100th birthday by serving …

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Smart Juice!

My friends and I have often jokingly referred to alcohol as “smart juice” due to its negative impact on reasoning. In an ironic twist of science, we may have been righter than we thought. (Thanks, Dappled Things) Alcohol sharpens your brain, say researchers It is news guaranteed to raise a cheer among those who enjoy …

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