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Fighting Fire With Fanaticism

Stop Congress from Amending the Constitution to Limit Free Speech Urge your Members of Congress to Oppose the Flag Desecration Amendment! For more than a decade, numerous members of Congress have tried to amend — with seemingly endless resources — the U.S. Constitution to give the government the power to prohibit the physical desecration of …

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Flag Schmag

I’m far from being a stickler about flag desecration. In fact, I’m very much against the Flag Desecration Amendment. However, this just seems wrong to me. “President Bush signs American flags for workers at Beaver Aerospace and Defense after speaking about jobs and economic growth in Livonia, Michigan, Thursday, July 23, 2003. President Bush, in …

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Civil Liberties

I don’t always agree with the ACLU, but here are a few causes of theirs I support. Support Oversight of the Secret FISA Court "Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (most commonly known as FISA), a secret intelligence court was created to authorize government wiretaps in foreign intelligence investigations. Since its initial enactment, FISA has …

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