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Microsoft is Doubleplus Good

Great, now not only will the Feds have invasive computer technology, it’ll be annoying and buggy, too. Paperclip: “You’re committing a thoughtcrime. Are you sure you want to continue? I can dial the Thought Police for you if you like.” Microsoft hires national security honcho By Lisa M. Bowman “Hoping to play a larger role …

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A Tale of Two Editorials

Believe it or not, these op-eds are about the same topic. The difference is Ann Coulter is a raving lunatic. My roommate, Jerry had this to say: “That first op-ed was pretty good. It’s amazing how he’s been reworking himself. From liberator of Kuwait and the intelligent, ethical [veep] of Clinton, to this ranting populist …

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Addicting Game

This game is really cool, but kinda tough. Enjoy. 🙂 Alien Hominid

MENSA Members They Are Not

Vacation Mix-Up: a Tale of Two Sydneys “LONDON (Reuters) – A British couple are getting over the shock of landing on the wrong continent after the tickets they bought for a dream holiday in Sydney took them to a sleepy town in Canada instead of the sun-kissed Australian metropolis. “

Redneck Rampage

‘Angry’ response to terror helps Keith flag No. 1 spot By Tamara Conniff