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Priestesses in the Church?

The aforementioned comments discussion at GetReligion is becoming a battle between those for and against women priests, or at least allowing them as a solution to the priest scandal. *rolls eyes* I'm with this guy: Perhaps I'm obtuse, but I'm having trouble seeing a connection between priests who participate in deviant sexual practices and the …

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Women in the Church

I generally find that women don't appreciate being instructed about their proper roles from men. That's understandable. I'd imagine most men don't like being told their roles by women, either (though my gut tells me women hate hearing about womanhood from men more than the reverse). The author of the following defense of the all-male …

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Sexual Differentiation? Wow!

We shouldn’t need science to tell us men and women are different. If we have any doubts, we have modern femi(nazi)ism to blame. Susan B. Anthony would be so disappointed with our so-called “progress”. The New Sex Scorecard By Hara Marano “Summary: Talking openly about sex differences is no longer an exercise in political incorrectness; …

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Counter Protest

What’s wrong with this picture?