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Following a Renegade

Open Book reminded me about an article I read quite a while ago. It’s written by a woman who went to Fr. Bill Hausen‘s heretical church but came back to the True Church.

Billy Boy

Catholic priest preaches first sermon at splinter church JUDY LIN, Associated Press &quotSEWICKLEY, Pa. – Celebrating Mass for the first time at his unsanctioned splinter church, the Rev. Bill Hausen on Sunday urged some 300 people to stop procrastinating before they ‘;die without really having lived.’" Breakaway priest is excommunicated Diocese issues warning to parishioners …

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Bill Again

Scare tactics?!? Starting an unauthorized church is schismatic. General absolution is heretical. This guy has more than a few loose screws. Priest Starts New Church, Slams Diocese For ‘Scare’ Tactics Tue Apr 13, 1:09 PM ET "A priest who holds views questioned by some in the Roman Catholic faith says the Pittsburgh Diocese is trying …

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This guy isn’t just a schismatic or wayward. He’s heretical. "The Sacrament of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) will be offered to all who attend the Liturgy" All? That is absolutely forbidden by the Church. Valid confirmation and no stain of mortal sin are required. "Father Bill Hausen is a validly ordained Priest. He has not …

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