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Kenny G

As my wife walked upstairs this evening to do some housework, she heard something from Alex she never thought she’d here from her children. “Mommy, I want Kenny G!” Nah. She must have misheard him. Why would anyone in their …

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Whorl War III

It’s time to add another data point to my informal study of hair whorls and handedness. As you can see in the photo, Lily’s whorl has a clockwise pattern. Thus, she has a 95% chance of being right-handed. Sorry, Dear.

A Good Reflection For the First Anniversary

This is a particularly valuable time to reflect on oneself and on America, something I’ve been doing off and on for the past few days, even as I’ve been frantically getting ready for my first Anatomy exam tomorrow. On Sept. 5, the Economist published an excellent article on Americans and Sept. 11. The magazine gets …

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The Rich Get Richer

I.R.S. Loophole Allows Wealthy to Avoid Taxes By DAVID CAY JOHNSTON

UFO Chasing

Just call me Mulder – I want to believe. 🙂 Waldorf Puts the U in UFO