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Million Dollar Baby, Part II: Mo' "Mo Cuishla"

Since my first post regarding Million Dollar Baby ("MDB"), I’ve had some discussions with Funky Dung and have seen some feedback from other bloggers. I’d like to add a few more points. I’d like to discuss this movie in the context of Eastwood’s other two biggest movies, Unforgiven and Mystic River, and talk about how …

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In Defense of Million Dollar Baby

[I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby. The venom it generated from Christian critics has thus far been enough to keep me from forking over $8. A good friend of mine and occasional guest blogger, Jerry Nora, recently saw it and came away with a much different impression than the vast majority of those critics it …

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Right to What?!

This WaPo headline bugs me. Court Lets Right-to-Die Ruling Stand. The issue is not whether Terri Schiavo has a right to die. At best, it’s whether Michael Schiavo has the right to let her die. At worst, it’s whether he has the right to kill her.

Frankenstein's Intellectual Progeny

A CONSUMER’S GUIDE TO A BRAVE NEW WORLDBy Wesley J. Smith "Will the cost of biotechnology’s alleviation of human suffering be our acceptance of a ‘Brave New World,’ where scientists wield godlike power to refashion our biological nature’ If so, we will not get there in one giant leap. Rather, we will descend into the …

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Whatever Happened to the Human Race?

Readers who liked Jerry’s post about infanticide might also like this Get Religion article.