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Our First Signed Mass

Since our whole family has been enjoying learning ASL signs, and we’re Catholic, we thought attending a bilingual ASL/English mass would be an interesting and edifying experience. It took us a while, but we finally got around to doing it …

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Dress for the Occasion

I was visiting with my in-laws in North East, PA and went to their parish for the Epiphany (Anybody know why it was moved back from the 6th?). I noticed something there that I’ve noticed at other parishes, and it drives me nuts. Those familiar with the Diocese of Erie (home of Bishop TrautFishmanperson) are …

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DMCA Under Review

Copyright law gets a second lookFoes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act have a second chance to tweak a section of the controversial law.By Declan McCullagh “On Tuesday, the U.S. Copyright Office began accepting comments from the public on the law’s ‘anticircumvention’ section, which limits people’s ability to bypass copy-protection mechanisms. Comments are due by …

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Musical Vaccuum?

Bissell Blue Powersteamer? Clearview? Upright Floor Cleaner “Stand for center channel speaker only”

Strange Job

Maybe this would be a good job for the world’s homeless. Wanted: Professional Hermit for Cave-Dwelling Duty “LONDON (Reuters) – More than 200 years after they went out of fashion in Britain, professional hermits are back in the job market.”