Time to Deliver

Part of what got Bush elected was his pro-life stance. Now he has to deliver something to those who elected him and, more broadly, all those who hope to end abortion and prevent ESCR and cloning. Will he? Can he? Pro-life leader questions Bush’s commitment to ending abortions Pro-life group urges Bush to take immediate …

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Up, Up, and Away

Christopher Reeve September 25, 1952-October 10, 2004 I didn’t agree with his stance on ESCR, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to someday see that spinal injuries are repairable. In fact, I very much wanted to see his spine be restored. I watched his progress with amazement. His recovery by far surpassed the doctor’s …

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Anybody Game?

I am here today to go on the record with my bewilderment with opponents of embryonic stem cell research. Here’s how I understand stem cell research: Fertilize an egg and let it divide a few times. Take the resulting clump of cells and use them to see what kinds of tissues you can grow on …

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