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Sheep and Goats

Christian Conservative has an interesting post on predestination. Any of my Catholic readers want to refute his points? Breaking down predestination There is no Christian doctrine that I’ve found to be more humiliating than “predestination”, and no topic more difficult to understand. What is predestination? It’s the belief that God not only knows in advance …

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Since tomorrow’s Election Day in the U.S., I thought it’d be interesting to discuss election of a different sort. I wanted to write a lengthy post about the Elect of God and the Rite of Election, but didn’t have time. Perhaps when the latter occurs during the course of RCIA, I’ll give it proper coverage. …

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I forgot to mention something yesterday. Marty Minto‘s been on a bit of an anti-Catholic tirade for the last week. One of his listeners wrote in to ask if anyone who truly loved Jesus could go to Hell, even Catholics. I sent the following as part of an email to him during his broadcast. “I …

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