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Sacramental Marriage

Steven Kesslar, a friend of mine and future priest, has cobbled together a treatise on “Whether a marriage which is not consummated can, this fact notwithstanding, be valid and sacramental.” It was conceived as the result of a nerdy theological discussion we and some other folks had after a bible study. Since such discussions are …

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Mars and Venus

Difference between the sexes need not always be burdensome. Married Singles unhappily ever after By Francine & Byron Pirola "We all start out in marriage with a dream; a dream of a life-long, love affair. But after a year or two, disillusionment sets in and the unreserved trust and intimacy we enjoyed becomes tentative and …

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Good Catholics or Poor Historians?

The Church has NEVER supported contraception. A quick glance at early documents, like the Didache, makes that obvious. So how do these idiots figure good Catholics should use condoms? Good Catholics should keep Captain Winky in the pants until marriage. "We believe in God. We believe that sex is sacred. We believe in caring for …

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Lovers' Lock

My first guess before I read this article was that it had to do with chastity belts. 😉 City Battles Lovers' Padlocks "BUDAPEST (Reuters) – The Hungarian city of Pecs is fighting a losing battle against padlocks which lovers are secretly clamping on statues and gates all over the city center as symbols of their …

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Lock, Load, and Lipstick

Switch teams and get laid? this puts an new spin on ‘sex and politics’. Near-Naked Women Won’t Be Drafted in Colombian War "BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) – Busty, bikini-clad models won’t be air-dropped into Colombia’s combat zones, after all."