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The Bus Stops Here (or At Least It Used To)

Ed Rendell seemingly did a terrific job as mayor of Philadelphia. Aside from his pro-choice stance on abortion, I thought he could do a good job as governor of Pennsylvania. Perhaps I was wrong. He’s really screwing the pooch on this public transportation cutback. He’s being very “un-Democrat”.

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SUV Drivers = Terrorists?

Ah…You know how if you want to destroy someone's credibility, you inflate certain things they say and create a strawman? Well, some people kindly do that for you, and advocate such crackbrained things you just have to tell the truth and people who aren't complete knobs will be appropriately disgusted/angered/contemptuous. Well, ladies and gentleman, Peter …

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Arctic pollution causing polar bears to change sex By Charles Arthur Polar bears, Arctic foxes and Inuit peoples are under threat from man-made toxins such as polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) that build up in the food chain, new research reveals. Environmental and animal groups are calling for a global ban on the production of the chemicals …

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Soak the Poor

We at the Earth Summit are very concerned about making sure the poor do not breed as much, thus allowing us to maintain our own opulent lifestyle. So drive that BMW SUV, eat your Chilean sea bass, but just be sure to send that check to Zero Population Growth on time to maintain your positive …

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No Drilling in Alaska

Here are two news stories and one op-ed from Yahoo! about the recent resolution of this environmental issue. Senate Kills Bush Plan for Alaska Drilling Senate Rejects Bush Drilling Plan NINE OUT OF 10 CARIBOU SUPPORT DRILLING