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Driven Crazy

Detroit Fights California Bid to Open Car Pool Lanes to Fuel-Conscious Import By DEAN E. MURPHY Aides to the governor say he will sign legislation approved on Thursday that could allow up to 75,000 hybrid drivers, mainly those behind the wheel of a gas-sipping Prius, to use car pool lanes even when taking to the …

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Past Peak

Obviously this site only offers one point of view, but it does raise interesting issues. What will happen if the world doesn't become less petroleum dependent? This site offers an answer, and it ain't pretty. Life After The Oil Crash "Deal with Reality, or Reality will Deal with You."

Calling the Skeptical Environmentalist

Is this real science or political propaganda? Global warming eased? “SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) — Australian scientists have found the Earth may be more resilient to global warming than first thought, and they say a warmer world means a wetter planet, encouraging more plants to grow and soak up greenhouse gases.”


NASA battles buzz from disaster movie April 28, 2004 By Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times News Service Published April 28, 2004 “‘Urgent: HQ Direction,’ began a message e-mailed on April 1 to dozens of scientists and officials at the Goddard Space Flight Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Greenbelt, Md. Great…now …

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We Need This At Pitt!!!

I’m an amateur trash hound. I’ve found some really great stuff in my apartment building’s trash room. I’d LOVE to gets my hands on the abandoned computer equipment (and probably lots of other cool junk, too). Penn State students leave behind 66 tons of bargains By Tom Gibb “UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — A Dumpster is …

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