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Aug 04

Three Thumbs Down: Specter, Santorum, and Doyle

My congressmen, Senator Arlen Specter (R), Senator Rick Santorum (R), and Representative Mike Doyle (D), all voted in favor of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.H.R. 6 Booo. SaveOurEnvironment.org said the following prior to debate. "America deserves a safe, clean, affordable energy future. A forward-looking, responsible energy bill satisfies four basic principles, all of which …

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Aug 03

Another Breath of Fresh Air

Here’s another imaginative solution to man-made air polution. “Using technology already available for self-cleaning windows and bathroom tiles, scientists hope to paint up cities with materials that dissolve and wash away pollutants when exposed to sun and rain.” …. “This is the idea: UV rays hitting the titanium dioxide trigger a catalytic reaction that destroys …

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Aug 02

A Breath of Fresh Air

This is an incredibly cool concept. More people need to use their imaginations like this if we are to have any real chance of reducing dependency on petroleum. “After twelve years of reserch and development, Guy Negre has developed an engine that could become one of the biggest technological advances of this century. Its application …

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May 08

Devices on Standby and The Electric Bill of a Thousand Cuts…

I had just read a Smedley Log entry on home energy conservation when I saw today this article in the Post Gazette, which discusses “energy leaks” in many modern appliances:

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Apr 30

Kicking the Oil Habit

Bush’s energy bill seems pretty fairly useless–the most novel thing to come of it is to put new refineries on old military bases. I fail to see how that’ll make us more self-reliant for energy needs. Fortunately, this is America, and so people can get off their butts and do cool things without Uncle Sam’s …

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