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Naderless November

I’ve long known that I would not being giving my vote to a Democrat or a Republican. I’m too fed up with the two party system, and the candidates haven’t done or said anything to change my mind. I had planned on voting for Ralph Nader, since he seemed to be the strongest third party …

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Electoral College

I’m inclined to agree, at least superficially, with the New York Times in their desire to scrap the electoral college. Most of the problems I have with it could be fixed without eliminating the system, though. Require that all states handle electors the same way. Use instant runoff voting. Give each congressional district an elector. …

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Fall of the Roman Empire

This article offers a different perspective on the "clothespin" vote so many will be casting November 2. It's quite entertaining and sure to rankle more than a few people. I only wonder, which emperor(s) should Bush could be compared to? Kerry? (Thanks, rogueclassicism)

This Land is Hosed

The folks at JibJab.com have a hilarious parody of “This Land is My Land” that pokes fun at both Bush and Kerry. Thanks, Bluesnews. NOTE: There is a brief crude moment that mars an otherwise family-friendly video. P.S. Does anyone else think the voice impersonation for Kerry sounds like Link Hogthrob from the Muppet Show …

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Sunday, Bloody Sunday?

A friend of mine brought an interesting point during a conversation this evening. He said that the outcome of the Spanish election was directly affected by the terror attacks there. He thinks the same may happen here if Bush is strongly leading in polls close to the election. Maybe I’ve just had my head in …

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