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Tangled Web

This election’s shaping up to be another humdinger. THE HOARY QUESTION OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE In the middle of a contentious election, in the fourth year of an administration that didn’t win the popular vote, in an era of ennui, this is the probably the worst possible time to ask one of the hardest questions …

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Also Rans

Here’s a site with info on the underdog presidential candidates. (Thanks, Electoral Vote Predictor) On a side note, here’s another fanciful write-in for your amusement.

Electoral Nuttiness

“I know that among some in my own party, what I’m discussing would be considered treasonous, but I’m not going to cheerlead us down the primrose path when I know we’re being led in the wrong direction.” – South Charleston Mayor Richie Robb Richie Robb may become only the ninth elector to not vote for …

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Kneeling for November

Jerry recently suggested saying rosaries for our country and our politicians in the hope that all candidates would renounce the morally evil positions they hold. He’s not alone. (Thanks, MaryH)

Election Hijinks

USAToday has joined the New York Times in highlighting the nightmares involving the electoral college. This piece is more informative and less biased than the previous. Remember the 36-day drama over Florida’s hanging chads and butterfly ballots? Get ready for a replay. How it could happen The scenarios aren’t far-fetched: *For a tie: Every state …

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