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Election Morons at it Again

This is the same stupid county that couldn’t figure out how to vote in the last TWO elections. We’re not talking MENSA members, here. I don’t care who you voted for in the last two presidential election, ya gotta admit that there’s something fishy with these people. Fla. County Makes ’23’ a Passing Grade You …

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Teaching the Truth

This is another case of liberals having a cow over protecting sacred beliefs. Secular Humanism forbid *chuckle* someone actually try to defend a CONSISTENT set of beliefs. Catholic campuses head for showdown over obedience to church, academic freedom A deadline looms Saturday that could ignite a smoldering conflict over academic freedom between the Roman Catholic …

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Beatings For the LORD?

Schools demand ‘biblical right to smack children’ Private Christian schools must be allowed to smack pupils with parents’ consent, the Court of Appeal has heard. Forty schools, spearheaded by the Christian Fellowship School in Liverpool, want a change in the law to allow them to use corporal punishment. Their attempt to challenge legislation banning smacking …

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Teachers Honored

I’m posting this because my uncle, Richard Moore, is one of the teachers honored. Lessons: Teaching more than ABCs Remember that teacher you had so many years ago who taught you more than the course you signed up for? Remember how you never said thank you? Two local students and one parent found a very …

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Berkeley – Need I Say More?

Pro-Palestinian Class Proposal Under Review “[…]The course will only explore varying pro-Palestinian arguments rather than the debate between Palestinian sovereignty and Israeli occupation[…]”