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MENSA Members They Are Not

Vacation Mix-Up: a Tale of Two Sydneys “LONDON (Reuters) – A British couple are getting over the shock of landing on the wrong continent after the tickets they bought for a dream holiday in Sydney took them to a sleepy town in Canada instead of the sun-kissed Australian metropolis. “

All Wet

Did they give her mouth-to-mouth? 😉 Police ‘Rescue’ Sex Doll from Lake “VIENNA (Reuters) – Austrian police following up on reports of a corpse floating in Lake Constance found only an abandoned inflatable sex doll, police said Monday. “

Redneck Rampage

‘Angry’ response to terror helps Keith flag No. 1 spot By Tamara Conniff

Y2K Bug?

Man, 103, Told to Bring Parents for Eye Test “LONDON (Reuters) – British pensioner Joseph Dickinson, 103, had a shock when his local hospital called him in for an eye test and told him to bring his parents. “

I'll Avoid Crude Jokes This Time ;)

Humiliation Alleged in Delta Suit “CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) – A woman who says she was pulled off an airplane and asked to take a sex toy out of her luggage after it started vibrating is suing Delta Air Lines, saying she was publicly humiliated.”