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Belated March For Life Coverage

I got waaaay behind on the news and hadn’t posted about the March For Life. Here are some stories about the protest that marks the tragic anniversary of the Roe vs Wade decision. Buses set to roll to 30th anti-abortion march By Ann Rodgers-Melnick “An odd consequence of the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion …

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An Earful

Just when I thought the cell phone cancer debate was over, this story comes along. I’m beginning to wonder if anything I use is still safe for me. *sigh* Phone Study: Holey Rat’s Brains? By Elisa Batista “In a study that may shed some light on whether cell-phone use is harmful to callers, Swedish scientists …

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Microsoft is Doubleplus Good

Great, now not only will the Feds have invasive computer technology, it’ll be annoying and buggy, too. Paperclip: “You’re committing a thoughtcrime. Are you sure you want to continue? I can dial the Thought Police for you if you like.” Microsoft hires national security honcho By Lisa M. Bowman “Hoping to play a larger role …

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Big Feet No Big Stink

Penis size ‘not linked to feet’ “Men with big feet do not necessarily have a large manhood, a study suggests.”

Stock Market Physics

I still say, don’t try to win the day. Try to win the lifetime. Long-term trends are far easier to see and profit from. Stock market shock explained by PHILIP BALL “Physicists model recent trading frenzy.”